ZACH was born and raised in Milton, Massachusetts, where he played hockey and became an avid fan of Boston sports, especially the Bruins. He likes tattoos, enjoys working with cars, and has also served as a Primary Trainer for New England Assisted Dog Services. He has spoken at health centers, high schools, and prisons about the relationship of addiction, crime and incarceration. He is currently at work on his first memoir. AGE 34, INCARCERATED 3 YEARS

JEAN spent his childhood in Puerto Rico, other than a brief period in foster care in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He gravitates toward mythology and spiritual literature and writes in the inspirational and self-help genre. Professionally, he has worked as a driver and assistant to adults with special needs. Jean loves Playstation, action movies, and more than anything his only son. AGE 36, INCARCERATED 17 YEARS

STEPHEN spent his early childhood years in Beaufort, South Carolina, where his father was a Marine, before relocating to Brockton, Massachusetts. As a young child, he enjoyed fishing and riding BMX bikes with his older brother and cousins. He prefers creative nonfiction, excels at higher math, and is committed to pursuing his education. Stephen loves the outdoors and is happiest spending time with his seven year-old daughter and two year-old son. AGE 27, INCARCERATED 6.5 YEARS

MARCEL was raised in a tight-knit family in Dorchester. As a young man, he was interested in fashion and culture and considered a career in design or retail. Currently, he is enrolled to begin classes as an addiction counselor and he is deep in the midst of editing his first poetry collection, Philisophical Soul, for publication later this year. AGE 52, INCARCERATED 27 YEARS


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