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Meet the men whose lives intersect in a prison reentry and addiction recovery creative writing program. Learn, from their own words, what led them to commit their crimes, and witness the complexity of their ongoing stories on the outside, interspersed with interviews and appearances by Mayor Marty Walsh, Congressman Joe Kennedy III, Sheriff Michael Bellotti, Professor Randall Horton, Dr. Bertha Madras of Trump’s Commission on the Opiate Crisis, and more.

This film was created to give voice to the unheard, disempowered, and often vilified populations in the drug crises, the easiest targets caught in the most difficult cycles. We hoped not only to inspire policy change and sentencing reform, but to promote public education regarding drug use and overdose prevention. Initially, we screened the film at festivals, winning 10 awards, and toured nationally at high schools and universities, as well as held public events and panels to raise awareness and provoke the necessary conversations about mental health, criminal justice, addiction recovery, race, class, and healthcare access. We are pleased to announce that the powerful reception led us to a distribution deal.   

Please continue to follow us here and on our social media platforms to know where you can view, stream, download, or purchase the film beginning in Spring 2022!

Because Writers Without Margins (a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization) is a producer of this film, your donation can be tax-exempt while supporting our development, promotions, and efforts to bring In Their Shoes into your home and your hometown. You can help us be the change, spreading the message or bringing these unheard voices of recovery and reentry to your own city, hometown, or organization by clicking here.

To find out more about Writers Without Margins and the expressive writing workshops they offer to under-resourced communities, both virtually and in-person, please click here.

To learn more about our partner, James Wahlberg at Wahl St. Productions, and his previous work in film, entertainment and addiction recovery, please click here.

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