In Their Shoes was produced, in its entirety, through the advanced funding of Writers Without Margins, Inc., a Boston-based nonprofit dedicated to the fusion of art and advocacy. It was only through your contributions that the production and completion of this film was possible and its future as a vehicle for public education continues to rely on you. Previously, we reached several of our goals, including winning multiple awards at film festivals and securing distribution rights to ensure public access through major streaming platforms. In order to continue directly engaging additional, critical communities at universities, correctional facilities, mental health facilities and addiction recovery programs, we need your help. To make a donation of any size, so that we can continue holding free screenings and panels, collaborate with aligned organizations, inspire future leaders, and support those in need, please click the Donate button below.

Writers Without Margins is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which makes your donations towards our mission tax-deductible. Our simple and secure giving platform is fee-free, ensuring that 100% of your contributions fund our mission of amplifying unheard voices, building relationships, and encouraging necessary conversations regarding the personal and societal impacts of mental health, addiction recovery and criminal justice reform.

Cheryl Buchanan,
Producer and Executive Director
Co-founder of Writers Without Margins Inc.

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